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World Of Oblivion – Episode #1 (I Don’t Know You: Series Premier – Season One)

Posted by Jason Oblivion on April 6, 2014 with 1 Comment

World Of Oblivion – Episode #1 ( I Don’t Know You) What if you could go back and change everything you did? every event? even the people you know? If you you did that would you pay a price? what if the price was that you could never know anyone you ever knew? Jason Paid [...]

Writing Is Done For Episode 2

Posted by Jason Oblivion on April 2, 2014 with No Comments

We Finally meet Jean, Johnny, and Dawn as the crew makes their way to find out where Jason’s been. Episode 1 is in the Performer Recording Phase and should be out next week. WOOHOO!

New Series Starts Next Week

Posted by Jason Oblivion on March 31, 2014 with No Comments

In Episode One, Jason wakes up in a new World Of Oblivion. No memories, no friends. But mystery beings when found on the side of road by no other than Portia and Franklin VonSnatch……..